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Rave Reviews about Kimberly Chastain,
Christian Working Mom Coach

Are you ready to move your career and personal goal setting into high gear, with God at the center of those plans? Then business and personal coaching from Kimberly will be a valuable use of your time and energy. She has been instrumental in me finding career and personal life balance by assisting me in "scheduling" my priorities. I have found that my job and family life fulfillment has gone up 150% since having Kimberly as my coach and confidant. Most importantly, we have focused on keeping Christ at the center of my family and work purpose. As a result, I can more easily recognize the victories God is bringing into my life. It is simply amazing and fulfilling to see God's hand so readily working in influencing others to seek more of a relationship with Him, through interactions He orchestrates in my work and personal relationships. If you are ready to set your sites on God's plan for your life and want a life coach to help you move forward, now is the time to take that proactive step. Kimberly will give you the tools to set your "life satisfaction" at an all time high!

Elizabeth Bishop
Vice President, Branch Manager

Heffernan Insurance Brokers (Top 40th Broker in USA)

Since Kimberly began working with my partner and I in June 2004 she has guided us to more effectively communicate and establish our personal visions for the company. She has also taught us how to set specific goals daily, weekly, and monthly to grow a more effective business. Kimberly has been a Godsend to us, and I feel that without her coaching we may not have succeeded and grown as we have.

Patty Benton
JERPAT Virtual Assistants


Comments from Survey and Others

Kimberly has been an accountability person for me and helped me keep my life in the proper balance. I appreciate her confronting me on issues others may not have addressed.

This is unbelievable. I’ve come a long way since wringing my hands in guilt (early 90’s) to not caring if I’m judged. But to see a survey by other Christian Working Moms is incredible. Where were you when I held my first baby in 1992 and Christian friends shook their head in dismay when I returned to work? I’m a special needs Mom, too. Quite the experience over all. Bless you and best wishes with your research. You go, girl!!!!

I have been looking for some place to talk and be connected with Christian Working mothers. I often feel like an island in the storm. The church is a very lonely place for working mothers.

Thank you so much for addressing the need to acknowledge WORKING MOMS! I have seen many sites devoted to stay at Home Moms! Much appreciated.

I am perfectly comfortable with my status as a working Mom. It is other people who have trouble with it. I don’t feel guilt when they openly criticize my happy, well-adjusted baby and me. I feel anger.

I feel that there is a real need in the church to embrace working moms. It is difficult to do all that is on our plates. Yet it does not seem there is a Christian outlet.

Thanks for providing this service. This is a blessing.

I was happy to find a website addressing this and feel that the church absolutely does not address the needs of Christian Working Moms.

Thank you for the survey to help me see what in my life I need to make time for.

Thanks for having this site. This is the only support system I have found so far. Us Christian Working Moms really need to stick together. When you know you are within God’s will, don’t allow condemnation from others interfere with your walk.



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