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In the United States we are supposed to be experiencing the fall season, but it is 90 degrees today. I think we are all a little confused.
Welcome to all our new CWM sisters in Christ. Daily more and more women are joining us to support one another. If you are new here go to and look around to see the many different things that are offered. You can read past issues of Pearls of Encouragement for CWMs and interviews, by going to:

Prayer Partner Needed

I matched several prayer partners last month and have one more CWM who would like a prayer partner. Prayer partners communicate with one another by email and agree to pray for one another’s needs. If you would like a prayer partner email and put prayer partner in the subject heading.


I appreciate Angela taking time out of busy schedule to share her thoughts with us this month. Angela is a married 32 year old CWM who lives in the United States. She has daughters ages 14 and 8 and a son who is 5. Angela is a planning analyst.

Angela enjoys being a CWM because, there is a sense of fulfillment and reward in knowing that I can help provide for my family. Two years ago, my husband lost his job and exhausted his unemployment benefits because construction in California was completely dead. I was able to provide for my family and carry us though the roughest time of our lives, financially.

Angela struggles in being a CWM with: everyday that I go to work, I am sad that I can’t be there with my children. I would give up everything to drive them to school, pick them up, help in the classroom and feed them their after school snack. It is also very hard to come home late and tell them no to certain activities, because mommy can’t make it home in time. Lastly, there is the struggle to keep a clean house, healthy meals on the table and get homework done after working 8 hours mixed with a 35 minute commute on the train each way.

Angela’s favorite bible verse is: Philippians 4:11-12 (New Living Translation)

11 Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. 12 I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.

What is God teaching you right now?
God is teaching me that I am right where I am supposed to be. He is teaching me to slow down, stop trying to put my hand in so many pots and focus on what’s really important. There is no need for me to be a jack of all trades master of none, type of mother. He wants me to focus on the bare necessities of what is important to take care of my family. Right now those basics are food, shelter and a loving environment. The extras are just that, extra and when we are blessed enough to experience a few extras; we give God the ultimate Thanks and Praise.

Words of Encouragement for other Christian Working Moms:
God is the source, and our career is an instrument to be played in this life, not the other way around. We tend to think of our paycheck as the source and if something happens to us financially we freak out. That isn’t what God intended, we must always to view him as our source. When we switch our frame of mind and view God as our source, then our financial problems become much smaller.

Anything else you would like to share:
Working Moms have so much to offer their children, the leadership and organizational skills you demonstrate will carry through to your daughters and sons and help them to lead a happy, healthy productive life.

Angela thanks so much for reminding us all that we have comes from God and is His to begin with.

Final Thoughts

Everyone in my home has a birthday in the fall of the year except for me. So, often I’m focused on birthdays this time of the year and then Christmas sneaks up on me. Is there anything you could be doing now to make Christmas a little less hectic? I’m asking myself the same question.

Till next time,

Kimberly M. Chastain

Kimberly M. Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the author of The Voices of Christian Working Moms, 2 ebooks and an online Bible study. To find out how to receive coaching tips by email daily, go to To find out more about her books go to For a free, initial coaching session send an email to