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My son and I went shopping today. On the store shelves were back to school supplies already. He wasn’t real happy to see them and neither was I. The summer is flying by. Is there anything you want to do with your children this summer before school starts back? Make sure you plan time for fun.

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Article – Seasons in a CWMs Life

I have gotten several emails recently from CWMs sharing how hard it is to manage everything in their lives and they always feel they are dropping the ball in one area or another. If it is any consolation I think that is true of every CWM and honestly Moms in general. Life was less complicated when we didn’t have children (we may not have thought so), but it was easier.

As a Mom we go through various seasons depending on the ages of our children. During those seasons we may make different decisions on how involved we are in activities outside work or even change work assignments.

I want to give you permission to say No for a season, but not forever. I think sometimes we think if we give something up for a season we won’t ever do it again. For instance, my husband and I were involved in a small group Bible study that met in our home before having our daughter. Once we had our daughter we took a break and were no longer involved in a small group. We realized we needed some time to learn how to be parents and didn’t need any extra commitments at that time.

When my children were babies-preschoolers we lessened what we did outside the home. We would work in the nursery at church for our assigned times, but we didn’t take on other duties. Once my children were in upper elementary and middle school I began teaching Sunday School on a weekly basis.

Also, I had a wise man tell me once that when your children are babies and young you are physically exhausted and once they become teenagers then it shifts to emotional exhaustion (there is more to worry about). Each season of parenting has its own joys and struggles. There are also different opportunities as well.

So, can a CWM or any Mom have it all, all of the time? Honestly, I don’t think so. Of course, it depends on your definition of having it all. I think it is important from time to time to evaluate as a family whether there are any activities or responsibilities that need to be cut. No matter how good the activity it may not be the right season. Should our children be involved in more than one sport or extra-curricular activity at a time? Does our family really want to make the commitment to a travel sport team?

There is so much pressure from other parents to have your children just as involved as their children. There is also pressure from the church to be involved in so many activities that families have little time to be together.

I want to encourage you to realize there are seasons in parenting and it is okay to say No for a season. Pray and ask for wisdom from God for what things you need to say Yes to and what you may need to say No to as well.

Final Thoughts
Remember No is a complete sentence. Often, when we tell people No we can’t do something we come up with an excuse for why we can’t do the request. Then, the person quickly comes up with a way to help you out. Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.

Till next time,

Kimberly M. Chastain

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