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Article- Put God “First in All Things”
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Hello ladies. I wanted to share a few neat things with you today. I have just heard a new song on Christian radio that has touched my heart so much. The song is Blessings by Laura Story. If you would like to hear it you can click here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CSVqHcdhXQ. Even more important learn about the artist’s story at:
http://www.laurastorymusic.com/bio. Just to give you a teaser on the song. The last verse of the song is so convicting and touching: “What if trials in this life are mercies in disguise.” The song is so true and healing.

This month I’m using a devotion that my sister forwarded to me for our article. This devotion spoke to me and I think it will speak to you as well.

Next month I plan to share with you some awesome things that happened to my family this month. Enjoy the article.

Article – Put God “First in All Things”

“I require your first fruits.”
Ezekiel 20:40 AMP

Put God “First” in All Things

God wants to be number one in your life! When He’s not, things won’t work out right for you. Instead of asking God to bless your agenda, ask Him to give you an agenda He can bless. Jesus was able to say yes to one thing and no to another because He understood God’s agenda for the day. Can you point to a single stressed-out or confused moment in Christ’s life? No, when conflict arose He said: “I do only those things which please the Father” (See John 8:29). That’s because He took time to consult His Father. How long are you going to allow yourself to be pulled in 101 different directions? Nothing will change until you decide to give God what He requires - your “first fruits.” Don’t give Him the part of your day when you’re worn out, can’t think straight and can hardly keep your eyes open; give Him the best part of your day. That’s where your true priorities will be discovered. From getting dressed to setting your schedule, ask Him to help you make choices that glorify Him. As you become more and more aware of His presence, it’ll be impossible to “compartmentalize” Him. Ordinary events will become sacred events because He’s involved in them. Ask Him to direct you in the choices you make and to empower you for the jobs you need to get done. Keep Him first in everything you set out to do, and He will show you the path that leads to peace. Following the moment-by-moment leadership of the Holy Spirit will cause you to enjoy every day of your life.

Devotion by Bob Gass from the Word for You Today at www.bobgass.com.

Final Thoughts

This devotion from Bob Gass spoke volumes to me. I often do not make my quiet time with God my first priority and that is wrong. Often God does get my leftovers. I pray for myself and for my CWM sisters in Christ that we begin, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to give God our first fruits.

Till next time,

Kimberly M. Chastain

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