Christian Working Mom Interview for February


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Here is the CWM Interview for February:

LaTara is a 36 year old CWM, who has been married for 3 years. She lives in the US and has two boys ages 13 and 2.

LaTara list the following joys as a Christian Working Mom: The main joy is knowing that God holds the key to every area of my business. When I get ahead of Him, He gently nudges me and tells me that I need to slow down. Another joy is that since I am at home, I can be available to my children in a unique way (I homeschool as well) and they love it. It is also a joy when we are able to carry God to the office and share His goodness through our walk.

LaTara says the struggles of being a Christian Working Mom are: It gets hard at times when I have to take time to stay up late to get work done. It is also difficult on those days when both of the boys are having their moments and I have to reprimand all day. I guess it gets hard to when the world comes against you for your beliefs.

Her Favorite Bible Verse is: Philippians 2:13 – Because it is God who does the work and will completes it. That lets me know that I am not in this all alone. He is always at work on my behalf. Awesome! Just Awesome!

LaTara offers the following words of Encouragement for other Christian Working Moms never give up and keep your eye on the prize. God, the author and finisher, will forever cover you with His mercy and grace. Work it all to the glory of God.

Latara is also an encouragement coach with a burden for women to see themselves as God sees them. My ministry Sister 2 Sister 4 Christ ( seeks to build a bridge to cultural healing through the strength of women. I encourage women who work at home, in their business ventures through my new business Heznme Christian Network (

My mission in all that I do through ministry is to a motivating force towards completeness in Christ.

LaTara I appreciate your desire to provide cultural healing and encouragement. We all need to be aware of our sisters in Christ all over the world.

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Kimberly Chastain

Kimberly Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the author of 2 ebooks that can be found at For a free, initial coaching session send an email to