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Christmas is coming fast. Are you ready? Here in the United States we are starting to get colder and some people are getting snow. In New Zealand, I understand, you are ready for summer and the children get out of school. So, have a great summer vacation.
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Exciting Changes for 2008

Keep your eyes open for some new exciting coaching opportunities for 2008 from Christian Working Mom. The new coaching style will fit anyone’s schedule. I am hoping to have the new opportunity ready for January of 2008. You will be the first to know when it is up and running.

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The CWM Blog has been quiet here lately. I just posted a question about Christmas traditions. What Christmas traditions do you have as a family? I would love to hear yours. You can find the CWM Blog at The Online Bible Study can be found at Complete the lessons as you have time and share your thoughts.

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Article – Christmas Over 2,000 Years Ago

Often when we tell the Christmas story or have Christmas plays at our churches we romanticize the birth of our Savior. All of the children are angelic like (at least for a little while), clean, and have clean clothes. There is clean hay for the stable. Everything seems calm.

Let’s travel back 2,000 years ago to visit what it was really like that Christmas morn. First, of all Mary and Joseph had to travel over 70 miles by foot and donkey to get to Bethlehem. Can you imagine being 9 months pregnant and walking or riding a donkey for 70 miles?
Along the way, did they sleep outside or find shelter? We don’t know, but it could not have been easy.

Once they arrived in Bethlehem all Mary probably wanted was a place to lie down and rest. But, as we all know there was no room in the inn. How helpless Joseph must have felt and how weary Mary had to be. Then, the only place they could find was a stable. Most of us envision a barn. Yet, scholars often think Mary gave birth to Jesus in a cave. (Side note, if you have not seen the movie Nativity Story I would highly recommend it for its accuracy). So, Mary most probably alone without her mother or any female relatives gave birth to the Son of God. Don’t you imagine Joseph wished for Mary’s mother or his mother as well? I would imagine he wasn’t real excited about having to help deliver a baby. We often forget how young Mary and Joseph were. Many scholars believe Mary was around 14 or 15. Joseph was probably a little older. What an awesome responsibility for two very young people. Yet, Mary and Joseph were not alone. Angels and shepherds herald his birth. Wise men that are always in our Christmas plays probably did not arrive for another 2 years. God was certainly watching over Mary and Joseph that first beautiful Christmas Day.

As we reflect on Christmas let us not forget that the first Christmas was not the sanitized version we see in our minds or in our churches. There were animals with all their “glorious” smells near by, no bed for Mary to give birth, and two very young people far from home. Yet, all they would ever need would be their son who was born and eventually he would become their Savior. Mary and Joseph gave up so much to be the earthly parents of the Son of God. They were willing to leave their home which they did not return to for several years after his birth.

What are we willing to give up for Christ this Christmas and every day of the year? Are we willing to die to self and live for him? Are we willing to seek his way and not the world’s? We may feel alone if we seek to follow God’s path, but we are never alone. Just as Mary and Joseph while feeling very alone that one Christmas morn were not alone. Jesus who came to earth in human form was with them and in their very presence. May we celebrate the Christmas season by reflecting on the best gift we have ever received, the gift of Christ. May we serve him daily in everything we do.

Final Thoughts

Listed below are additional articles about Christmas. One is entitled, “How to have the “Perfect” Christmas”. The other article is “Maybe this Christmas will be Different”. This article addresses those who have very difficult family situations.
May you not be so rushed by all the Christmas activities that you forget the real reason we celebrate.

Till next time,

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