December Christian Working Mom Interview 2006
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Hello everyone. I pray that you had a blessed Christmas and had some wonderful memories with your children. Also, that you were able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Now, taking down the Christmas tree before the New Year becomes priority. Welcome to all the New Christian Working Moms. You will only find support and encouragement here.

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I appreciate Sandy for taking time out of her busy schedule to be interviewed this month. Sandy is a 49 year old married CWM who lives in Australia. She has a natural daughter age 24 who got married this year. Since 1991 she has been a foster mum to over 25 children aged 12 months to 16 years. Most of the placements are short, but she had one boy that lived with them for 10 years.

Sandy is a school teacher (primary/grade school). Sandy taught full-time before having children, then some casual or part-time work in the state school system since then. She is currently operating an after-school tutoring business from home – 4 students per day, 5 days a week. Also do book-keeping for my husband’s IT consulting company. Numerous unpaid voluntary “jobs” (in various outreach ministries of our church): Scripture teaching in local state schools (for 22 years), co-coordinator of our church’s playgroup ministry (for 21 years), netball coach and club secretary, on organizing team for children’s Holiday Clubs (VBS) etc. (In the past, have been on teams organizing church worship services and pastoral care).

Sandy list the joys of Being a Christian Working Mom: Many & varied joys of being a mom and working predominantly with children and their families – e.g. seeing the world afresh through children’s eyes; “sisterhood of suffering” which enables you to have close bonds with virtual strangers; opportunities to mix with non-Christians and share your faith with them in “real” settings; wonderful privilege of helping to mould and shape young lives; fun and silliness; purpose in every day and God’s guiding and strengthening as you go.

Sandy shares the following struggles of being a Christian Working Mom:
Clutter everywhere in the house; never feeling on top of it all; being pulled in 20 different directions; not knowing how to say “no” when everything seems so worthwhile and important; finding enough time for personal devotions and fitness; trying to balance the need for paid work and ministry opportunities; making sure that your husband and kids don’t just get the “scraps” of your time, energy and attention.

Favorite Bible Verse:
Ephesians 3:20, 21 “To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever.”

What is God teaching you right now?
To be patient and to wait on Him for His loving provision. Not to worry.

Sandy offers the following words of Encouragement for other Christian Working Moms: Pray that God will enable you to see your kids through His eyes – they are precious gifts. (The clichés are true – in a blink of an eye they will be grown and gone, so treasure every minute). Easy for me to say, now that the children under my roof are just visiting – I know that it’s hard to feel warm and mushy about a teething or tantrumy child in the middle of the night. All moms work very hard, whether for pay or not, but don’t lose sight of the fact that God sends people (of all ages) for you to love along your way every day. Pray that He’ll shine through you despite your weaknesses and frustrations.

Sandy also wants to share:
Currently, in our part of Australia, we have the unique opportunity to provide “Special Religious Education” in government schools – half an hour each week, by law. This has traditionally been provided by Christian volunteers, but in recent years other faiths (e.g. Muslims, Hindus, and Mormons) have also become involved. There are moves to ban SRE altogether – bills constantly being presented to Parliament – so while we have this great mission field available many Christian moms work hard in this way. (Some spend up to 3 days a week going from school to school teaching different classes). Please pray for us. Australia can no longer be considered a “Christian” country, with church attendance being at an all-time low, so many children would have no idea of basic Christian teachings if not for these school Scripture lessons. My involvement in Scripture teaching for so many years has been a real joy.

Sandy thanks for sharing with us how you show God’s love to others. Also, fellow CWM’s let’s join Sandy in praying for her country and that they will turn back to God. I would say we even in the United States need to have the same prayer. Also, that we pray that the time these women get to share in schools will plant seeds that last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Do something fun as a family for New Year’s Eve. I think we may have a very long Monopoly game planned. We will see who wins!

Till next year,

Kimberly M. Chastain

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