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Summer is coming soon in the United States. For those of you CWMs who have school age children what kind of childcare arrangements do you have in the summer? Come share your answers at our blog:
http://christianworkingmoms.blogspot.com. Can I encourage you to actively look for CWMs around you that you can support and they can support you as well? Often, CWMs are hidden even in our own churches.

Prayer Partner Needed

Speaking of supporting one another; I have a CWM who would like a virtual prayer partner. Virtual prayer partners share one another’s needs by email and agree to pray for one another. If you are interested in a prayer partner, please send an email to Kimberly@kimberlychastain.com and put prayer partner in the subject heading. I will then connect you with a prayer partner. Thanks in advance for your help.


I appreciate Sarah sharing with us this month. Sarah is a married 29 year old CWM highschool teacher who lives in the United States. Sarah has a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.

Sarah enjoys the following as a CWM: as a high school teacher, I have the privilege of educating students about geography and political situations around the world. It is so encouraging to watch students as they grow and mature. I love it when a student grasps a new concept or overcomes an obstacle to succeed at life. As a public school teacher, I don’t talk about my faith during class. However, I have the opportunity every day to show my students Christ’s love and compassion. I definitely have bad days (and weeks!), but I try to use my job to serve Christ.

I’ve also found that I treasure the time I do have with my children. I’m learning to ignore the dirty dishes and delight in my kids instead.

List the struggles of being a Christian Working Mom:

I worked part-time up until this year. Going back full-time has been one of the most difficult experiences I’ve had. I struggle with immense amounts of guilt about working. Several acquaintances of mine are outspoken advocates about mothers staying home. I’m learning to surround myself with other Christian working moms who are an encouragement. God reminds me on a daily basis that my goal is to serve and please Him, not society or other moms. It has been so encouraging to read about other moms’ joys and struggles through this newsletter.

I worry about my children’s moral and spiritual development: will their character grow and develop even if I’m not always there? I am learning to trust God with my children. He is teaching me a lot about praying rather than worrying. We try to read a Bible story each morning at breakfast. This even helps me focus as I start the day.

Favorite Bible Verse:

Lamentations 3:22-24: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

What is God teaching you right now?

The transition to working full time has been very difficult, and I feel like I am constantly a failure. I fail in patience as a mother, I fail at inspiring my students, I fail at having a clean home, I fail as a wife, and I fail as a teacher. On my own, I will fail. These verses in Lamentations remind me that God’s love never ceases, even when I fail. His mercy is new each day! How freeing to know that I serve a God who offers mercy and love just when I feel as though I’ve let everyone down.

I am also learning a lot about judging others. Before I had kids, I used to judge moms whose children had tantrums or who sent their children to daycare. Now, my children have tantrums in grocery stores and they go to daycare! ? I am learning that I cannot begin to understand, let alone judge, people’s situations, decisions and lives. Parenting is a humbling experience. ?

Words of Encouragement for other Christian Working Moms

I’m a people pleaser, and I’m learning to please God alone. Other people’s opinions are just that: opinions. I’m learning to surround myself with people who will encourage our family in the decisions we make.

Anything else you would like to share:

Don’t forget to laugh in the midst of chaos! We were trying to head out the door last night, and our daughter managed to get the dog food off the counter, open the “childproof” lid, and dump the contents on the floor. Our dog was happy, even if Mommy and Daddy were a bit stressed.

Sarah thanks for the laugh today and yes we all need to laugh. Also, I appreciate the reminder of how we all thought we would be “better” parents before having children then reality sets in.

Final Thoughts

It is so important as parents to be intentional about teaching our children about God. As Sarah shared reading a bible story at breakfast even with young children is implanting God’s words in their hearts. God promises His Word will not return void.

Till next time,

Kimberly M. Chastain

Kimberly M. Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the author of The Voices of Christian Working Moms, 2 ebooks and an online Bible study. To find out how to receive coaching tips by email daily, go to http://www.kimberlychastain.com/cwmtips.htm. To find out more about her books go to www.christianworkingmom.com. For a free, initial coaching session send an email to free@kimberlychastain.com.