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April 2009
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Article – How do we please God?

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Welcome/Coming Attractions

Hi y’all! That is how we say Hi in the Southern United States. There has to be a plural form of you. I pray that you are getting ready to celebrate our Blessed Easter holiday. What a time for deep reflection of the enormous sacrifice for us on Good Friday and the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Hallelujah!! We can never thank God enough for our salvation.

I want you to stay tuned for some exciting things getting ready to happen at CWM. A project I have been working on for years will be ready to debut soon. I can’t spill the beans, yet. I will send out a special announcement and let you know. So, watch your email box.

Exciting News

For a long time I have wanted to be able to showcase Christian Working Moms in different ways. I finally found a way. Go to* and you will find all kinds of ways to celebrate you as a CWM. You will find T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, bumper stickers, and the list goes on. I hope to add many new items soon. So, check back frequently. You might want to buy a mug for work and it could be a conversation starter with co-workers. Let me know what you think.

CWM Blog/Online Bible Study

We have had some very good questions and discussions on the CWM Blog. The blog can be found at Please come join the conversations. Also, you can help answer another CWMs question. You won’t believe it, but I finally added another lesson for the CWM Bible Study. It is a link to a Bible Study that specifically deals with the article today. Go to to find out more.

CWM Coaching Tips

Spending time in God’s Word is sometimes difficult, especially if you have little ones. I remember when my children were very little someone asked me what God was teaching me right then. I stopped and said, “Jesus, loves me this I know.” Very basic, but very deep. So, if you would like a quick daily email to encourage you in your Christian walk go to: to find out more.

Article – How do we please God?

In my own quiet times I have been convicted of needing to spend more time in praising God. I have begun reading the Psalms they are full of praise songs to God. You find so many different things to praise God for as you read.

One Psalm jumped out at me today and I wanted to share it with you. “But, the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him. In those who hope in his steadfast love.” Psalm 147:11. How do we please God?

This verse is part of the answer. The first part is fearing Him. What does fear mean here? It doesn’t mean that we are trembling and afraid we will be struck by lightning any minute. What it does mean is a reverence for God and who He is. God is Holy and there is none like Him. For that very specific reason we can worship Him. People often try to say what God is like, but we will never get it right. God is not human and he is not like us at all. We can’t even use our language to describe him. He is truly indescribable. Thus, we revere Him and our in awe of Him. Our reverence of God brings God pleasure. Another version says God delights when we fear Him.

The second part of the verse says those who hope. There is a lot of talk about hope these days. Hope in God will never disappoint. If we truly hope in his steadfast love then we will not worry. God loves us when we don’t love him. God stands by us when we doubt him or don’t acknowledge Him. God keeps his promises and we don’t. If we truly hope in his steadfast love and believe it then we will not doubt whatever comes our way. We will know no matter how tough our life gets God is there and has a purpose. His love is steadfast, unchanging, unconditional, and permanent.

Ultimately, what pleases God is revering him and trusting Him in all things. We just scratched the surface today on what pleases God. If you go to the Online Bible Study at you will find a link to a Bible Study that list several passages about what pleases God. Can I encourage you to dig deeper in the Word to find out what pleases God? Then, when we do find out what pleases Him we need to live it out as well. Not just know it intellectually, but act on it in our lives.

Final Thoughts

May Good Friday and Easter never grow old to us. He is Risen, hallelujah!! Because He lives, we will spend eternity in the presence of our precious Savior worshipping and praising Him forever. There is no greater truth than that in this world.

Till next time,

Kimberly M. Chastain

Kimberly M. Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the author of 2 ebooks and an online Bible study. To find out how to receive coaching tips by email daily, go to You can find more information about Christian Working Moms at For a free, initial coaching session send an email to