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April Edition

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Article – What is God’s Call for You?
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We are experiencing spring where I live in South Carolina and it is a beautiful time of year. I pray that you have a Blessed Easter and celebrate what Christ has done for us. Thank you to all of you who have filled out the Christian Working Mom Survey. We have had over 800 women complete the survey and are growing daily. If you have not filled out the Christian Working Mom Survey go to and you can click survey on the home page. Also, to find out more about CWMU, an online coaching program you can get information from the home page.

Blog Comments

Recent discussions on the blog have been about what you do for childcare when your children are out of school and also a good discussion about the decision to work. There is always an open comments section where you can start a new discussion. Also, feel free to comment on this article on the blog. Visit the blog at You can also access it through and click on Blog.

Article – What is God’s Call for You?

Have you struggled with trying to figure out what is God’s call for your life? Do you wonder if you are in the right career or if you are doing the right things? I remember vividly while in high school trying to figure out what to major in when I went to college. I was tormented with picking the wrong major. I desperately wanted to be in God’s will. I remember saying God if you will just put a note on my pillow then I will know what to do. Guess what, I never got the note on my pillow.

What I did not understand then, but understand better now is God can use me in whatever I do. God was not going to narrowly focus my career path. He wanted me to use the talents and gifts he gave me. He also wanted me to use my own decision making skills to pick a major that fit with my gifts. When I look back over my career and various jobs I can see how God used me in each job to glorify him. Even the jobs I did not like very much God used me and blessed me with certain co-workers who helped to encourage me. To this day I still remain friends with co-workers that I have not seen for over 10 years, what a blessing.

So, what is God’s call for you? I can answer that question for you. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Very simple, yet profound. Whatever you do, do for God’s glory. If it is wiping noses, changing diapers, listening to a moody teenager, or dealing with a difficult boss. Do it all for God’s glory. We don’t have to make ourselves anxious trying to decide if we are following God’s call for our life. God wants us to glorify him in everything we do, there is no wiggle room.

Can I encourage you to rest today in knowing God has you right where he wants you and he is in control of your situation? Can I also encourage you to consistently focus on glorifying God in words, speech, and deeds? Let your light shine and may people say of you I see Christ in her.

God’s call for your life is not as big a mystery as I made it out to be when I was a teenager. I also felt there was a big difference between full-time Christian work and not Christian work. The difference is man-made not made by God. God sees everything we do as sacred. So, whether you work in a church or not you are doing God’s work. God is working through you and in you.

Final Comments

Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of spring: flowers budding, trees coming back to life, birds singing, etc.

Seeking to glorify God in all I do,

Kimberly Chastain

Kimberly Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the author of 2 ebooks and founder of CWMU. All can be found at For a free, initial coaching session send an email to