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ABCs of God’s Character

ABC's of God's Character
I know as a busy Mom it is hard to find time to teach your children the important things of God. So, I wrote an ebook entitled, “ABCs of God’s Character”. This fun, colorful ebook is designed for preschool and school age children. Each letter of the alphabet has an animal represented with 3 characteristics of God’s character. Read more...
Help My Preteen/Teenager is Driving Me Nuts!!!  
Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your sweet, innocent child?

Does it seem like they have been transformed over night into someone you don’t recognize?

Does it feel like you can’t do anything right?

Have you sudenly become “stupid” in your child’s eyes?

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Pearls of Encouragement
for Christian Working Moms
An e-book for daily renewal and refreshing

Be still.
Are you kidding?
With my schedule? In my family? At my office? Around my house?
Many of us usually must plan weeks in advance just for a few precious moments of peace and rest. A quiet moment to ourselves has become an endangered species for most Christian working moms.

Download free Ebook here!

Now you have a peaceful place to embrace a few moments of rest and encouragement wherever you may be.

You're just a click away from a daily serving of rest and peace from the One who is Our Rest and Our Peace. Pearls of encouragement for Christian working moms gives you 31 daily devotional moments of refreshing. Each message is a brief yet timely nugget of truth you can feast on for a few minutes or at your leisure.

Each day you'll be encouraged as you share with me words about the tasks and responsibilities that define our lives as Christian working moms. You'll be refreshed as you drink in the comforting, soothing Word of God. And you'll be equipped to face the rest of your day knowing that God knows your heart and wants to be your strength as you rest moment by moment in Him.
Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a resource that addresses so effectively the specific issues we face each day as Christian working moms.

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The Voices of Christian Working Moms

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