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Do you want to grow in your walk with God?

Do you find it hard to schedule a daily quiet time with God?

Do you want to shine God’s love at work, home and
wherever you go?

Do you want to learn how to balance home, work, and church?

Do you feel like everyone’s needs are getting met, but your own?

Are you ready for some spiritual food?

If you answered yes to those questions then CWM Coaching Tips are for you. The tips will be delivered daily to your email box.

So, what will be included in the CWM Coaching Tips?

1. You will receive a daily email with a tip. Each tip will focus on one Bible verse a week and how the power of God’s Word can transform you and how you interact with others.

2. The CWM Coaching Tips will be short, but with action steps.

3. You will be encouraged and challenged.

4. You will have access to a Members Only Blog where there will be additional resources available. Also, discussion and support among members.

Are you ready to be transformed by God’s Word?

Are you ready to start looking at the world with a Biblical worldview and not get corrupted by the Me first society we live in?

Are you ready to live and learn how to trust in God alone?

If you answered yes to these questions, then let’s get started.

Purchase Warning:

If you are looking for tips to make you wealthy and put yourself first this is not for you. You can find plenty of that all over the Internet. If you want to learn how putting God first in your life and worshipping Him can be the best way to live, then CWM Coaching Tips is for you.

If you want to be reminded of God’s overwhelming love for you, then purchase CWM Coaching Tips.

Listen to what Lori has to say about the CWM Coaching Tips:

"Thank you for the wonderful daily coaching tips you send via email every day. Your topics are always so timely, the focus on one scripture a week is uplifting -- and your personal message is just the finishing touch. Thanks for providing something so meaningful."

CWM Coaching Tips can be delivered to your email box
daily for only $5.00/month.

That is 6 cents a day. I don’t know of anything you can buy for 6 cents. The email tips will be delivered daily. You can stop the tips at any time.

Click on the Subscribe Now button and you are on your way to receiving your first tip. You will be billed monthly for your tips.

If you are interested in individual coaching, click on the coaching button on the left hand side.

Still have questions? If so, send them to Kimberly@kimberlychastain.com




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