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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching? Do I even need a coach? People hire
coaches for many reasons. Here are a few:

Increase productivity at work.
Achieve more balance between work and home.
Become more organized or ruthlessly efficient.
Explore new career options.
Need someone to help them stay accountable for
goals. Ex.: weight loss, exercise, etc.

What does a Coach do?

1. Listens to you and your needs and makes you the #1
2. Helps you set your goals.
3. Keeps you accountable for reaching your goals.
4. Gives constructive guidance.
5. Holds you accountable to reaching and attaining your dreams.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching is mostly done over the phone. That way you can coach from anywhere. Coaching can be done in person as well. A typical coaching contract is three 30 – 45 minute phone coaching sessions in one month. Often spot email coaching can occur during the month as well.

A coaching client pays for each month of coaching sessions in advance. Individual coaching contracts can be designed to meet your needs. You can receive coaching tips emailed to you daily as another option instead of individual coaching. Click here for more information.

To find out more about coaching experiences with Kimberly Chastain, the CWM Coach click on Rave Reviews.

Am I Ready to Hire a Coach?

Take this assessment to find out.

I have at least 1 area in my life that is unmanageable?
Often I feel my life and priorities are out of balance?
I am considering a career change?
Often I set goals, but cannot complete them?
I have a difficult time getting organized?
I’m ready to make changes and be held accountable?
I am open to considering all possibilities when it comes
to making changes?
I am willing and ready to invest time, money, and personal
energy to make changes and work with a coach?

If you answered yes to 5 or more questions then you are ready to hire a coach. To explore coaching further, send an email to coaching@kimberlychastain.com




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