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The Voices of Christian Working Moms Book
With Bible Study is now released!

For years I have had many CWMs ask me where the books are about CWMs and Bible studies for CWMs. Sadly, I have had to say there are none. Now, I am excited to share I have written a book entitled, “The Voices of Christian Working Moms” with a Bible Study included.

This book shares the results of over 2,000 women who filled out the CWM Survey. Now their voices are being heard.

Here are just a few questions the book will answer:

What does the Bible say about CWMs?
What age do most CWMs have their first
child? You might be surprised.
Do most CWMs work full-time or part-time?
How can the church support me as a CWM?
Do CWMs feel guilt, if so what do they do?
I don’t want to be a CWM, now what?
I am married CWM, but I don’t have time for
sex. Am I normal?
Is it wrong to do something for yourself as a CWM?
Quiet times are important, but how do I have one?
How do I balance work and home?
How do CWMs decide on childcare and school choices?
I am a single CWM what about me?
Stay at Home Dads and the CWM, the new frontier?

To order:

"The Voices of Christian Working Moms" ebook,
send an email to kimberly@kimberlychastain.com with "Voices ebook" in the subject heading.




The Voices of Christian Working Moms

Newly Released Book written by Author Kimberly Chastain

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