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A New Years Resolution – Rest
By Kimberly Chastain


I rarely meet a mother who is not tired. Sometimes I think that is the definition of being a mother. As soon as you sit down to relax someone needs something or there is a “crisis”. A definition of a crisis certainly is in the eye of the beholder. We all get tired and when we get tired we often neglect our time alone with God.

Recently, I got a way for a weekend by myself. I was weary, tired, and needed relief. I stopped at the grocery store before I left and saw a book entitled, “When Women Need to Rest” by Cindy McMenamin. (You will see the book on the Resource page of www.christianworkingmom.com) The book was calling my name. So, I got the book and took it on my trip. I desperately needed to hear what it said.

One important point of the book that stuck out in my mind (my paraphrase) was: Maybe God wants you to start doing less for him and just spend time with him. When was the last time you rested in the Lord? Do you come running to him and want to just crawl up in his lap and rest? Often, as women we give and give until there is nothing left.

Our children go through stages. In the beginning, they need us for everything and often feel like “Velcro children”. We are needed non-stop. Then, they get a little older and really don’t even want to talk with us and we crave that conversation. I think God, our Heavenly Father, craves to hear from his children. He wants us to come running to Him and tell Him about our day, our concerns, our triumphs, and our failures. He says, “I am longing to talk with you. Rest in Me and I will take care of you.”

So, I encourage you this year instead of trying to do more at home, work, or church make a conscious decision to REST. Rest in God and spend time with him. See what God has to say to you and let him fill you with his peace. I have often found I am less tired if I am consistently spending time with God and resting in Him. God is the ultimate stress reliever, peace giver, and burden bearer. Make rest a priority in 2005.

© 2004 Kimberly Chastain
About the Author
Kimberly Chastain, MS, LMFT is the Christian Working Mom Coach and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She was recently featured in the book the Myth of the Perfect Mother. She is the author of “Help, I Just Can’t Say No” and Pearls of Encouragement for Christian Working Moms. To schedule a free, initial coaching session send an email to free@kimberlychastain.com or visit http://www.christianworkingmom.com/online.htm.
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